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Contact email: lorraine@lorraineplatt.com

Lorraine is now represented by the Hay Hill Gallery in Cork Street, Mayfair and will be exhibiting as part of the gallery's International Summer Showcase during the London Olympics 2012.

July-August 2012


Hay Hill Gallery, Cork Street

Exhibiting paintings at the Drang Gallery from July 2011

The Drang Gallery which opened in 2011 in Padstow now exhibits Lorraine's paintings. This new gallery also exhibits original work by Damien Hirst, Francis Bacon and David Hockney.


Publishing agreement with The Diabetes Research Foundation , US

Five new images are being published in North America as cards. January 2011

February 2010 Bentley Publishing Group Of California

Two new images have been published by Bentley Publishing Group as gallery prints in California

Applejack Art Partners

Applejack Art represents Lorraine Platt in the US

The University Of East London April 14th 2007

Lorraine will be participating in a round table discussion of artists at The University Of East London. This follows her interview with the writer Maria Tamboukou about her life as an artist. 'In the fold between Life And Art ; A Genealogy Of Women Artists' This book is currently under development.

Oxford University Saturday 28 January 2006

On saturday 28th January, Lorraine, together with Phillip Pullman and Professor Leslie Bunt was invited by the Oxford University students union to speak to the sudents at the Oxford University about her career as an artist.